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Developing RESTful Web Services Using Dropwizard Part III

Update 12/2017: I wouldn't go that way anymore. Dependency injection is sweet, but either take minimalistic Dropwizard approach of just not doing it, or just switch to a fully-blown solution like Spring.

This is the last article of Dropwizard series, that outlines how to use Google Guice as a lightweight way to add dependency injection capabilities while developing RESTful web services using Dropwizard.

Developing a RESTful Web Service Using Spring Boot

Update 12/2017: Sweet, but could use an updated version. The principles seem to stand though.

I'm really impressed with Spring Boot. Its main goal is to take away most of this boilerplate configuration that was needed before and to replace it with some sensible defaults. One might say it's taking the control away from the developer and giving it to the army of fairies. That's probably right, but in this case the fairies are here to help, and moreover they can easily be cast away from doing particular thing. It's just a matter of doing it yourself as before, and thanks to @ConditionalOn... behaviour Spring Boot's auto configuration will not fire up.

In the following article I will explore the way of employing Spring Boot to create a very basic, restful web service. As usual the source code can be found here on GitHub to play around.