Articles on AngularJS

Integrating AngularJS with RequireJS

Update 12/2017: Obsolete, don't just use Angular with Angular CLI.

When I first started developing with AngularJS keeping my controllers and directives in separate .js files for better maintainability I ended up including lots of .js files on my pages. This approach has led to some obvious drawbacks. For example, each of these files will have to be minified or combined before deployment to save bandwidth. There's also little control over load order and inter-dependencies between them, like AngularJS must be available before module can be created, and module must be present before one could attach controllers to it. So was looking for a clean solution to this problem, and that's where RequireJS came in.

Text Angular with Angular Material 1.x

Update 12/2017: Too bad there seems not to be a version of this for the new Angular. I liked this one, but had to use CKEditor in my projects. Would be so much easier if Google just did a minimalistic rich editor for Material.

I was doing some front-end coding recently using AngularJS, hence I thought I'd share my struggles a bit. One of those was about finding a good WYSIWYG editor for rich user input that would be playing nicely with Angular Material library. I did some research to evaluate what's available, and as usual in front-end world, everything had it's quirks. I finally stayed with textAngular for couple of reasons, but as it was written with Bootstrap in mind it needed some alterations. The documentation however was not really helpful here, so I'm sharing what I did.